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Shadows In The Night

Harry Potter Slash RPG

Shadows In The Night - Harry Potter RPG Community
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Welcome to the universe of Shadows in the Night, where the current date is September 1997


Albus Dumbledore is gone, the Wizarding World is in havoc as the legions of Death Eaters,
under the command of Lord Voldemort, are gaining foothold across the nation. Dolores Jane Umbridge
has been appointed the new Minister Of Magic and Harry Potter "the Chosen One" feels the world
weigh heavily on his shoulders. He is soon to learn however that his brooding nature and desire
to face his fate alone may be his greatest weakness and that it is his ability to love that would
prove to be his ultimate weapon in his fight against Voldemort.

When Hogwarts re-opens, the Ministry officially endorsing it as the safest possible place to be,
Harry and Draco return for their final year only to discover their true destiny.

Outside Hogwarts, a curfew from midnight to five in the morning is in place. Only those
on official Ministry of Magic business or with the express permission of the Ministry may be
permitted outside between the curfew hours. The dementors are breeding at an alarming rate as
anyone found breaking the curfew without the approval of the Ministry of Magic is
sentenced to Azkaban.

Still, there are shadows lurking in the darkened alleys, and when two lonely souls meet,
nothing will ever be the same.

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Rules (please read before applying for membership!)


Taken, Adoptable and Wanted Characters and PBs

OOC community: Please join once your character is accepted,
and remember to check regularly for updates on the game.


If anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to e-mail the mods at:

or alternatively contact them in person:


snakechild (Main focus: Applications and Graphics)
- email: little-gems@hotmail.com
- msn: little-gems@hotmail.com
- yahoo: thesexbombwholived
- aim: cruel counsellor

sitn_mod_d (Main focus: Advertising and Recruitment)
- yahoo: ryden.mackenzie
- MSN: audio.video.disco@live.com

phoenixslash was the original creator and Mod of the comm,
and for that we thank him.

Sorry, we are closed.

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