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Who: Quinn (open to Finn)
Where: Outside the Great Hall
When: After the feast unsurprisingly

Quinn pulled on his overcoat again, expecting to leave with Finn any second. He waited until he caught sight of the Professor before heading over, trying his best to remain professional and dignified.

"All filled up Professor Ramos?" He enquired, the slightest of smirks on his face. He glanced around the hall, watching the students dissipate and head to their respective dormitories.

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Who: Marcus (ot all Slytherins)
Where: Common Room
When: After the feast.
Why: Why not?

Marcus was lounging on one of the couches in the main part of their underwater common room. He was flicking through a copy of Witch Weekly, bored senseless by the drivel Snape had been spouting during the feast. Even as he read through the magazine, his thoughts dwelled on Draco and what had happened on the train.

He hadn't ever felt so encompassed by someone as he did with Draco, and before today all they'd had for each other was a mutual respect, things seemed so different now. The hustle and bustle of the common room continued around him, even though he was unaware of most of the people there, lost in his thoughts.

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Who: Harry Potter (ot anyone in Gryffindor)
Where: Gryffindor Common Room
When: After the Feast
Why: Time to move on

Harry Potter climbed the stairs to the boys dormitory, his feet feeling heavier than normal, his stomach full to the brim of good food. He had missed Hogwarts more than even he had realised.

As he flopped down on his bed, he loosened the tie around his neck and kicked off his shoes. During the feast, he had been unable to keep his eyes off of a certain person, he just wished he would work out why that was.

He closed his eyes, willing sleep to take him, but knowing it wouldn't, it never did when he wanted it to.

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Who: Charlie and Oliver
Where: Diagon Alley
When: later
Status: open!

Charlie dragged Oliver down the wizarding streets excitedly. He was glancing in every shop like he hadn't been here for an age. Eventually they got to the bookstore and Charlie immediately picked up his book. A new book just released on Dragon Rearing in captivity.
12 dark look

Aunt Sarah's Funeral

Who: Oliver Wood, Charlie Weasley 
What: Oliver's aunt has passed away and is being buried
Where: A cemetery in Cheshire, England
                and later back at Oliver's house in Dorset, England
When: Afternoon, Thursday, August 28th, 1997

The rain didn't stop. It washed away the ceaseless stream of tears which flowed from Oliver's dark eyes. Dirt was thrown over the flowers into the grave. The lilies gave their last breaths and were suffocated.

Oliver held on to his five year old brother and some of the coldness slipped away. Andrew did not cry. He stared blankly over his brothers shoulder and occasionally gave him a kiss on the cheek. It was a comfort. Oliver hadn't felt warm since that owl had flown in and Charlie pulled out of him. He wondered where Charlie was at right now.


Who Isaac Morningside (open to Luke Duffy)
What Open Mic Night
Where London
When Before school starts

Isaac settled himself on the chair on the small stage. He was glad he couldn't see the crowd. Seeing them made him nervous, but being blinded by the lights made everything ok.

As his fingers settled on the first chord, he felt calm again. Tentatively he started to strum, closing his eyes.

You landed in my life
Like a new and brighter light
That made all my past seem in shadow
I always used to believe
That beauty was skin deep
But I need a new word to describe you

And the time that it took to take down the wall
Was the that it took for me to fall
Hopelessly weak

His eyes flickered open, catching the slightest glimpse of the muggle crowd as they listened. His fingers moved deftly across the fretboard hitting every note perfectly, his very soul slipping from his mouth as he sang the words. The crowd knew they were watching something special, something magic.